Service Agreement

We offer a guest posting service through our site,


Clients are required to pay 100% upfront for the services. Billing is sent via a PayPal invoice.

If the client fails to pay for the next billing cycle within 5 working days, we pause all work related to their sites and send a follow up email. After 10 working days of non-payment, we will send a notice of cancellation of their account.


We do not lock you on any contract or subscription. We do wish that you work with us as long-term partners.

Refund Policy

Refunds are ONLY allowed for 24 hours after payment has been made. Once this grace period passed, we will not give refunds anymore.

Before we send an invoice, we ask our clients a series questions and we evaluate their websites as a way of determining if we're a good fit with each other. This discovery interview is conducted over e-mail or Facebook Messenger and usually spans 24-48 hours, partly due to differences in timezones. This is plenty of time to change your mind before sending us the money. 


All our deliverables can be viewed on this page:

What do we mean by "confirmed" guest posts?

Due to the nature of our service, we often partner with bloggers and webmasters who have long editorial calendars or the bloggers simply are busy people (we reach out to people with various vocations, not just bloggers). As such, even though the blogs agree to publish your article, they plan to do so at a later date. We still count this as a guest post.

​​How can we be sure that they actually agreed to post our article?

Here at Outreach Worthy, we value transparency. We can show you the threads for these guest posts. We also give tentative publishing dates for your articles so you know when they will go live.


If you have any complaints about the service you are experiencing or have experienced, please send me an email a I do not have a Customer Support team, so please allow me 24 hours to respond. Sending me multiple emails within 24 hours will not help.

More Details

We want to give you as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision when purchasing our service. Our Guest Post Service Explained is an article I wrote to give you more insights on the nature of our service. I highly recommend that you read it before purchasing to avoid confusion.