The 3 Laws Of Buying Guest Post Links (Plus A Few Price Negotiation Tactics)

The 3 Laws Of Buying Guest Post Links (Plus A Few Price Negotiation Tactics)When I started outreach worthy, I thought I can provide my clients with cheap, but high-quality links.And I was able to deliver that.Well, to some extent.I’ve come to realize that there’s a rock-paper-scissors kind of law when it comes to earning outreach […]

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August Update: How’s Our Outreach Doin’?

TL;DR What mistakes I made the last couple of months and how I got myself out of the mess + lessons learned along the way.We changed a few things with our Outreach StrategyWe’re running an awesome discount + freebies until August 31st. Grab yours while they last! Hey guys, Yesh here.A lot of online entrepreneurs […]

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guest blogging guide

Guest Blogging: The Ultimate Guide (2019)

Guest Blogging: The Ultimate Guide (2019)This is a massive – and I mean a really MASSIVE – guide to guest blogging. In fact, it’s the only guest blogging guide you’ll ever need to read. It’s the A-to-Z, the creme de la creme, the piece de resistance of this topic. Whether you’re a business owner looking […]

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20 Real Estate Business Tasks You Can Outsource To A Real Estate VA

A day in the life of a real estate business owner is known to be a fully-packed one. There’s the matter of finding and selling properties, the challenge of running your agency as a successful business, not to mention marketing yourself and your listings in an already-saturated marketplace. That’s why outsourcing has become a concept that’s fully […]

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guest post service explanation

Our Guest Post Service Explained

I’m already on my first year of running this service and I learned a lot of things, not only on the actual process of building links, but also on how to manage client expectations.The most common point of confusion I get from inquiries and even from clients is how my service actually works. We have […]

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6 Benefits Of Guest Blogging For Your Real Estate Business

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars just to market your services as a buyer’s advocate. Thanks to the ever-improving methods of marketing, it’s now possible to market your real estate business without spending too much. In fact, you could market yourself without spending a SINGLE dime. And that’s made possible with guest blogging. […]

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